in renewable energies

SOLIA Concept is an industrial IT, automatic systems and electronics design office.

14 years of innovation

Experience in test benches applied to renewable energies

SOLIA Concept is an industrial IT, automatic system and electronics design office. Over the years its founders, have become accustomed, to the technical challenges of test benches, and are surrounded by a team that shares the same values of technological innovation and energy transition, always ready to take up new technical challenges.

Our central theme – Energy

Working on technical products which have a beneficial effect on the environment and on the future of the planet is a challenge that SOLIA Concept has taken on ever since its creation. With this objective, we design our own energy-related innovative products and we try to integrate energy efficiency into the systems that we develop for our customers.

Innovation at every opportunity

The control-command of special machines and particularly of test benches, requires us to be at the cutting edge of technology so as to attain the highest possible performance.
The design of embedded systems for custom built products in a variety of fields requires constant innovation in IT and electronics.

Adaptation & Responsiveness

With its multidisciplinary expertise, SOLIA Concept, works in close collaboration with its partners and its customers to take complex and demanding control/command and embedded system projects to a successful conclusion.
Specialised in industrial IT and electronics, SOLIA Concept develops its own supervision and rapid real time management solutions. Thanks to our mastery of the source code, we adapt to the functional, material and economic needs of our customers. The custom made software that we offer you is complemented according to your requirements by the development of special electronic cards with or without a processor.


Our history


Reinforcement of the mechatronics team.


Grouping of 3 companies to manufacture hydraulic test benches: TECHMAN-HEAD (marketing, integration and mechanics), SOLIA (control-command) and HYD&AU Fluid (hydraulics).


Following the closure of their T4 unit, Clemessy left its after sales service business for international hydraulic test benches manufactured since 1997 to SOLIA Concept.


Transfer of our Cylix Linux supervisor to Windows so as to adapt to users of our control-command systems.


Marketing of the first product, the Soliamètre.
Transfer of our Dos digital controller to real time Linux in order to achieve better performance, scalability and long-term control of our control-command systems and porting on ARM single cards for complex embedded systems.


Moved in to new premises adapted to the company in St-Évarzec.
End of the photovoltaic installation design office activity following the moratorium decided by the French government in December 2010.


Reinforcement of the R&D team with increased focus on electronic developments in the design of innovative energy products.


The initial desire to go into sustainable development materialised very quickly with the setting up within a few months of a second photovoltaic installation design office activity.
Manufacture of the first control-command systems with new partners AOM in Rennes (formerly HYD&AU Fluid) and ENAG in Quimper.


Having been employees for several years in the same team in the group, the founders decided to create their design office in industrial IT with the aim of becoming a player in the energy transition market. Based in the company incubator in Quimper, they continued to work as a partnership with their previous team from Clemessy T4 specialised in hydraulic text benches.

Our activities



SOLIA Concept is attached to its Breton roots, and has developed its control-command business locally and particularly in the energy market in which there is an ever increasing demand in Brittany.


Embedded systems

SOLIA Concept develops electronic solutions for the embedded systems of innovative products in various fields of activity.


Innovative energy-related products

In a world where energy is increasingly connected and where renewable energy production has become a viable solution, SOLIA Concept is developing products allowing it to play its part in this energy transition.

Our solutions

Automatisme asservissement et régulation

Pour réaliser des systèmes automatisés, d’asservissement et de régulation temps réel complexes à coût raisonnable nous utilisons le même concept évolutif et éprouvé depuis de nombreuses années. Plutôt que de…
Temps réel
Sur-mesure complexe
Coûts maîtrisés


La souplesse de nos développements de supervisions permet de répondre au mieux aux besoins spécifiques d’utilisation de la machine pour laquelle elle est réalisée tout en offrant des outils d’analyse…
Facilité d'utilisation

Régulateur Numérique

Notre régulateur numérique temps réel est spécifiquement développé dans nos bureaux pour nos applications temps réels. Anciennement sous le système très stable MS-DOS, sa nouvelle version sous un Linux customisés…
Temps réel

Supervision Cylix

Supervision banc d’essai et machine spéciale Conçu en partenariat entre la société Clemessy et SOLIA Concept, Cylix est un logiciel SCADA (système de contrôle et d’acquisition de données) conçu pour…

Our products

Analyseur mobile : SCV-B30

La solution mobile de mesure et d’analyse réseau Les charges de consommation énergétique d’une entreprise prennent une part de plus en plus importante sur les coûts de production. Comment comprendre…

Solia Connect : maitrise de l’énergie

La solution de supervision et d’analyse au service de la maitrise de l’énergie Interface de gestion de consommation / production d’énergie Solia Connect est un logiciel de supervision / gestion…
Interface de gestion

Soliamètre : maintenance photovoltaïque

L’outil indispensable pour la maintenance photovoltaïque Toutes les défaillances non détectées, ou détectées tardivement se répercutent immédiatement sur le taux de disponibilité de la centrale, et donc, sur la production…